How to do agreements with talent or other licensors where only a "project" identifier for the job or assignment is known (not the Agreement ID):

  1. A model is hired for Photo Shoot #P555, and grants Print rights in the US for any photos assets generated from it. She signs an agreement, and is "assigned" for work on shoot #P555.

  2. An Agreement is created with the model as the primary Party.

  3. The shoot is defined as a Project with Project #555 and is attached to the model's Agreement with the defined rights of Print in the US

  4. Photo Assets are attached to the model's agreement by specifying the related "Project" identifier for the job

  5. When attached, the model becomes a contributor to the Asset and the rights from the specified "Project" on the agreement are inherited to the Asset rights.

  6. Assets can only be attached to ONE project, since the Project identifier is used to locate the unique set of rights for this asset from a particular Agreement*&auth=LCA%20de6119357392dcaa086e17be5a278d619b1f3482-ts%3D1517855177