How to do agreements with talent or other licensors where the rights are different based on the work being done:

  1. A model is hired for multiple jobs, each with different rights. For the video work, she grants rights to show them on TV and the Internet in the US and for photos she grants the rights to Print them in the US.

  2. An Agreement is created with the model as the primary Party.

  3. Projects are created for each of the two different jobs the model is being hired for and rights for each Project are specified.

  4. Video and photo Assets are attached to the model's Agreement by specifying the related "Project" identifier for the job

  5. When attached, the model becomes a contributor to the Asset and the rights from the specified "Project" on the agreement are inherited to the Asset rights.

  6. Assets can only be attached to ONE Project, so the same project must be used on all agreements for Parties who are contributors to the asset (although the assets can be directly attached to other agreements without the use of the project).

The Project # is required in this scenario in order to attach assets to the proper rights*&auth=LCA%20bafb7cb8e4a0b91ddf8497a726ba2dea9982f69e-ts%3D1517855177